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The SBPA is driven by the synergy of professional job-seekers and employers in facilitating career development, personal growth, networking, and no-fee placement. The SBPA provides its members with an opportunity to maintain and develop professional skills by participating in leadership of the organization. Through involvement in committees such as Training, Marketing and IT/Communications, members assist in developing, planning, and implementing events, web pages, newsletters, and workshops to help each other advance their careers.

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Employer Resource

Get access to candidates who are committed, active and proactive.

Online Presence

Get up to date tips and tricks for your invaluable Online presence.

Resume Support

There is no perfect resume but come and let's get yours close.

Peer Support

Together we can help each other cope the stress of job hunting.

Interview Support

Let us help you avoid the pitfalls of job interviews.


Gain access to networking events, mixers and job fairs.

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Please visit us at the 1220 Engracia Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501.

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Job hunting has changed. Are you ready?

SBPA can help you navigate through the vast online tools you need to find your next job. LinkedIn, job boards, online job fairs, and more.

Summarizing yourself is one of the hardest things to do...resumes, cover letters, elevator pitches...
Networking is a powerful way to get noticed by the right people. Get tips on how to utilize LinkedIn, networking events, mixers, job fairs and conventions.
Together we are stronger.


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